The Bill Dance Collector Series' Art Prints

In celebration of Bill Dance's decades spent educating and entertaining millions on the joy of fishing, artist, and close personal friend of Bill, Denny Kreps has hand drawn a series of 24 beautifully colored art prints of the many freshwater & saltwater fish instrumental to Bill's legacy as an angler. Denny worked directly with Bill on the creation of each entry in this series to ensure that these prints are accurate in anatomy, expressions and coloring.

"Black & White Crappie" 16x20 art print

"Bluegill & Redear" 16x20 art print

"Black Crappie" 11x14 art print

"Bluegill" 11x14 art print

To commemorate the launch of the Bill Dance Collector Series', we've also produced 150 run limited edition "Three Bass" print that is hand-signed and hand-numbered (1-150) by Bill Dance and Denny Kreps. Once these are gone, they're gone for good!

Limited Edition "Three Bass" 16x20 art print

The first five prints in the series launched Monday May 6th, 2024 and are now available for purchase on the Bill Dance web-store, and 19 other freshwater & saltwater variety prints will be releasing throughout 2024!